Cozy Country Kennels  Boarding & Grooming
Open weekdays 10:00 AM-5:00 PM 
Saturdays 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Dog Boarding
Cat Boarding
Small animal Boarding
24 Hour Emergency Drop-off Services

Your Pet on Meds. Special Diets,                                          or you would like extra walk,
or Play time, No problem.
 We offer that also.
Cozy Country Kennel Services
At Cozy Country Kennels, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their Pets unique needs. 

We have a variety of services including:
If you have any question concerning  pick-ups, dropoff times, Required shots. please don't hesitate to contact us. Vi & Ed will help you find the best solutions for you.
5' X 5' Inside Privacy area
​5' X 27' Outside run area.
Our Kennel offers the largest Private outside runs
Clean & shaded exercise area
Small dog side 5' X 10' private run area
Your dog will be entertained by our Pets
Kitty boarding area
Cool, Clean, & Happy Environment
Climate Controlled Building
​We Supply everything your Pet needs 
Our Charges are by the night
Dogs up to 20 lb.       $12.00
Dogs  20 lb. to 39 lb.  $14.00
Dogs 40 lb. to 79 lb.   $16.00
Dogs 80 lb. and up     $18.00
Cats                          $9.00

2 dogs in same run, Discount $1.00 per dog per night.
Extended stay. 14th. Night is FREE
New Customer to Cozy Country Kennels
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We are regular clients of the grooming and the kennels. We never boarded our "kids" until about 10 years ago when we met Ed and Vi through grooming. They love what they do and they love the animals. Our "kids" look forward to going to Cozy Country Kennels. Rest assured your kids will be well cared for and enjoy their stay. Pam & Mark Civile

I wouldn't board my boy anywhere else! Jasper has always been taken care of as if he were family. Ed and Vi have been wonderful to us!!! Jasper thinks of Cozy Country Kennels as his "puppy vacation". Thank you for taking such great care of my boy!  S. Hornback

I wanted to share how I met CozyCountry Kennels. I had rescued a dog who needed a place to stay until I could bring him into my home for some foster care. He needed to regain confidence in humans and know that he would be fed and watered, he needed to be neutered and gain enough weight and rest to begin a severe heart worm treatment. With the help from donations I received and the loving care and support from CozyCountry Kennels, he made his way through foster time at my house and then to his forever family. Thank you!      Martha van der Drift 

I live in Graham and I consider it well worth the time to take my pets to Cozy Country Kennels for boarding. It is clean and well run. The runs are large and accesible at will by the dogs. The owners are friendly and will provide walks if requested. I took my dog to another kennel about 5 minutes from home a few times and each time she had to be literally forced (one pushing and one pulling) to get her out of the car. She runs right into Cozy Kennels. Another person I know boarded her dog at the nearby facility and was given a urine soaked bed on pickup with no explanation. I feel the drive to Liberty is definitely worth the trip to go to a reliable kennel. - Pat - Dec-12

Great place to board our babies! They really are happy here and it's a good feeling to leave them knowing they are in really good hands. No worries!    Donna Lyn

Ed is always so helpful and loving with all the rescued springers, I would trust Ed and Vi with any of my pets. Darlene

Ms.. Bai'Leigh loved her "vacation" at Cozy Country Kennels, she has stayed there several times over the last few years and is always well taken care of! THANK YOU!  ​Tricia Brown
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